How to register?


First, you should visit our website and sign up to have the access to your own dashboard, after that you can see the available tests. Then, you are able to reserve the test you desire to take and you have 24 hours to pay the fee online. The next step is to register on the international website MY.IELTSESSENTIALS.COM. You should reserve the test you desire. Remember you are not required to pay on this website. There is a file in the purple box on the home page which guides you through the registration. 

Should you have any further request or information on how to sign in or how to pay, don not hesitate to contact us via itsupport@irsafam.com.


Why should I register on two websites?

Your registration has to be done on the international website. Considering the fact that there is No possibility for Iranians to pay on this website thus, candidates are required to pay on IELTS.IRSAFAM.COM. In addition, you can take the advantage of Training Services as well as Online speaking reservation panel.


Is there any other way except for online payment to pay the test fee?

 Registration has to be done through the Bank gateway. In case that a candidate is not able to pay through the gateway, he or she can deposit in person at the institute. This procedure requires candidates to schedule an appointment in advance. 


Written Test:

What types of documents should be brought on the test day?

Candidates are required to have their passport on the test day. Candidates liable for military service are obliged to have National ID or any other authorized ID and the letter stating that they are fulfilling their duty toward military or they are receiving education.


Where is the test venue?

Information about the tests venues in Tehran and other cities is provided on Irsafam official website in " Test Guide " , the last item " Upcoming written test venue " section. 


What is the time of the written test?

The venue welcomes candidates at 7: 30 AM. To receive additional information please read the TEST GUIDELINES on your dashboard.


Speaking test:

 How can I get information about speaking test and reserve the date?

Candidates can reserve the speaking test date online within 46 to 14 days before the written test on their dashboard. Otherwise, the institute will provide the candidates with the date and time and will inform them 12 days in advance. The information regarding the test will be emailed to the candidates.


Can I transfer the Speaking time?

Candidates are not allowed to change the time on their own. In some special cases, they may send an email to IELTS@IRSAFAM.COM to explain their reason or to provide especial evidence for their request.  It should be mentioned that candidates are required to pay for the new speaking time.  


How can I book the speaking time and date on the speaking panel when there is no date available?

Candidates can only book the speaking date and time 46 days to 14 days before the written test. There will be no opportunity for candidates to book off the period mentioned above.

 Where is the speaking test venue?

Information about the tests venues in Tehran and other cities is provided in CONTACT US section on Irsafam official website. 


Transfer and Refund

How can I transfer the test?

It is possible for candidates to transfer their test online 37 days before the written test provided that the tests available on the schedule are vacant. Candidates are required to pay 6980000 Rials to have their test transferred which should be done online. This procedure is to be followed in order to transfer either the test date or the test module. If a candidate is to change the type of the IELTS test, he/she is required to pay the price difference in addition to the transferring cost. 


How can I refund the test?

It is possible for candidates to refund their test online 37 days before the written test. After candidates fill out the transfer/refund form and provide their bank account details, they need to email it at ielts@irsafam.com. The institute then will deduct the cost mentioned above and will refund the money within 30 days before the written test. 


Medical expenses relief

Candidates MUST send their medical certificates including prescription, examination reports, imaging results, surgery and hospitalization certificates after 24 hours from the written test. Candidates are required to pay amount of 200000 Rials to have their medical certificates examined by the institute. Upon the confirmation of the medical certificates, candidates will be able to transfer or refund the test.  


TRF and Results delivery

 How can I have my TRF Sent to other universities?

The center will send only 5 copies of TRF to universities. This will be done free of charge no longer than one month after the issue. Candidates are required to pay 40000 Rails for more than 5 copies and after the time mentioned. To have their TRF sent to universities or approved centers, candidates are required to fill in the TRF additional from which is downloadable online and to send it to Result@irsafam.com. TRF will be uploaded free of charge if the approved centers introduced by candidates accept an electronic copy, otherwise, candidates are required to pay the related cost.


How can I get my TRF at my residence?

If candidates prefer to receive their TRF at their residence, they can fill in the post form on the speaking day at the center and pay for the post cost. They can also make a request by sending an email including all their personal details as well as the image of the bank receipt indicating that they have paid the cost at result@irsafam.com .The post cost is 210000  rials for Tehran and 270000 Rials for other provinces.


How can I make an enquiry on results

Candidates can make an enquiry on results no longer than 42 days after the test date. To complete the process candidates are required to; 

• Fill out the related from ( EOR) and send it to result@irsafam.com.

• Pay the required cost which is 12،060،000 Rials (160 Australian dollars)

• Deliver the EOR form and original TRF alongside the bank receipt either in person or via post to have their enquiry on results recorded. Candidates who do not have their original TRF can send the EOR form and the image of the bank receipt to Result@irsafam.com.


What are the costs of the tests and other requests?

The cost of IELTS Test is 27،950،000 Rials

The cost of ILETS –UKVI is 32،612،500 Rials

The cost of Life Skills is 24،655،000 Rials

The cost of Transfer or refund for IELTS is 6980000 Rials in statutory period

The cost of transfer or refund for UKVI-IELTS test is 6980000 Rials in statutory period

The cost for inquiry on results is 12060000 Rials (The center will refund the total cost of the enquiry on results if it results in the increase in the results. )

The cost of the additional TRF is 40000