Result Guide

Result Guide

Announcing Results : 

By law, the results will be released within 13 business days. (for Deliver TRF please Refer to Delivery rules in the next paragraph.)

There are three ways to have access to the results;

Candidates are able to see their results on the website

Candidates are able to see their results on their personal dashboard.

The center will also send a message to the candidates through the phone Number provided in their account in .


Delivery rules:

Candidates can receive their TRF in person from Sunday to Wednesday. They are required to pay a visit to the center either in the morning from 10 to 1 or in the afternoon from 2 to 4. To have their TRF delivered , They need to have their passport with them. In case that another individual instead of the candidate (parents /spouse , counsel or ....) comes for the delivery, he or she has to bring the authorization form along on paper and a copy of the candidate’s passport and his/her ID card.

If candidates prefer to receive their TRF at their residence, They can make a request by sending an email to including all their personal details as well as the image of the bank receipt indicating that they have paid the cost. Also they can fill out the post form on the speaking day at the center and pay for the post cost .The post cost is 210000 Rials for Tehran and 270000 Rials for other provinces.

In case the candidate requests for Delivery and he/she is not under the post delivery area or TPG, he has to visit the closet Post office otherwise,  the remaining destination is on Express mail or local delivery men.

It should be mentioned that TRF is not to be sent through an email.

TRF is valid for 2 years from the date of the written test.


TRF delivery Rules:

Due to the security issues TRF will be sent once only. 

To have TRF reissued and sent to the approved centers, a candidate is required to make a written request.

To have their TRF sent to universities or approved centers, candidates are required to fill out the TRF additional form which is downloadable online and send it to

Please note that postal details including postal code, the department name and the university phone number should be clearly specified. 

TRF will be uploaded free of charge if the approved centers introduced by candidates accept an electronic copy, otherwise, candidates are required to pay the related cost. The list of cost is region-oriented which is presented as follows;


Enquiry on results 

Candidates can make an enquiry on results no longer than 42 days after the test date. To complete the process candidates are required to; 

• Click on green colored link “Enquiry on result “in home page in site and complete the form and send it. An email include payment link will be sent to your email address that you have entered in You could pay the EOR fee through this link.

• Pay the required cost which is 12,060,000 Rials (176 Australian dollars)

•  If you have delivered the TRF, please deliver the original TRF in person or via post to start the process your EOR.


Your result will normally be available in 2 to 21 days, depending on several factors including the number of sections requested for re-mark. If you have not received a response after 28 days, please contact us. The center will refund the total cost of the inquiry on results if it results in any change.  . The center will refund the total cost of the inquiry on results if it results in any change.