Registration Guide

Registration Guide

Essential documents:




Candidates are required to have their original passports;

Candidates liable for military service are obliged to have National ID and the letter stating that they are fulfilling their duty toward military or they are receiving education.


Creating an account:




1. Visit IRSAFAM website to check the registration page.

2. Provide your personal information (phone No. Home and Email address which are the important means the institute has to contact candidates.)


Activating your account 




 Log in to the website then you can enter your username and password to have access to your personal dashboard.

In case which candidate has more than one account, the necessary information such as speaking time and result will be sent to the same account which the test has been registered with.


Booking the test






Select “log in/ sign in” from the menu then enter your username and password to have access to your personal dashboard,

In case you face any difficulty please contact us via

From the test menu, select your test type, IELTS, the UKVI TEST or life skills. Then click on “the book the test now”.

Please click on “Confirm the test “to complete your registration. 


Online payment.

Click on “payment” icon, to access to the SAMAN bank gateway and pay the test fee. 

Attention :

According to IELTS rules , after the payment, the transfer of the test to another person is not available.

Registration on ieltsessentials website


Click on “Essential” icon.


After choosing the name of the country and the city, you are required to select IRSAFAM-"City", to have access to the test dates available. Select the date you are intended to take the test and click on “continue”.

If you have not created an account on the website, click on the “create a new account “

You have already completed the first stage; “select the test date”

Complete the next 4 stages respectively 

2. Candidate details

3.  Application details

Attention: in this part you need to upload a colored scan of your signed passport.

4. Recognition

5. Booking summary

At the fifth stage, you must click on the “continue” and to complete the registration, click on “pay offline” 

To help you with your registration, all the stages are demonstrated on the video.


Attention to candidates with special needs:



In case candidates need special materials (such as question booklets in braille) must inform the IELTS center about their request and medical records by email, at least 3 months before the chosen test time and if they only need special situation (such as using their wheel chair instead of our test chairs) this time reduces to a minimum of 6 weeks.